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Six Big Benefits Of Using A Local Atlanta SEO Agency

local search engine optimization agency in Atlanta, GAThese days, an estimated 94 percent of us use the Internet before making any purchase, making your Atlanta SEO ( stands for “search engine optimization”) incredibly important.

SEO is the name given to the process of improving the rank of a business or product in the search engine rankings – those listings of websites that appear whenever you type something into the search box. The technique involves using the appropriate keywords and key phrases; the ones that people tend to use when they search for something, and an algorithm that can analyze the number and quality of links from other sites. As long as other sites are linking to yours, it has the potential to enjoy a higher position in the Google search results.

Most of us stop searching for something beyond the first page or two of results; after all, if the results you are looking for appear on the screen at once, why spend time searching any further? Using the services of a local SEO agency in Atlanta is the first step in improving the rank of your company or product if you feel your website traffic has been slipping.

It especially makes sense to hire an SEO consultant here in Metro-Atlanta, GA if you tend to market your business locally or rely a lot on local customers. The following reasons may convince you that using a search engine expert is the way to go to increase your online visibility:

Why Hire SEO Atlanta:

1.) The most obvious reason to use a local agency is that they know the local area (we do), and have a good grasp of population centers and traffic patterns — whether “ITP” or “OTP.”

This is also important because potential customers tend to want to support a local business whenever possible, and like to think that a brand or product is communicating with them on their level.

2.) A local SEO Atlanta expert has a good understanding of who your competition might be, and is more invested in the success of their local clients.

3.) When you hire a professional consultant for help with where your website is ranking, or digital marketing in general, you benefit from being able to meet face to face with us, and communication can be much more effective this way than with a large, anonymous national SEO company.

4.) You can eliminate a lot of red tape, by using a local SEO expert in Atlanta who is familiar with the local restrictions that might affect you.

5.) Search engine algorithms are constantly evolving, as Google works to keep up with the way people search, and these changes often mean a change in tactics or overall strategy. A digital marketing agency based here in Georgia can keep up with local changes that affect you directly much more efficiently than the bigger national companies that have 1,000s of faceless customers.

6.) You are much more likely to get a timely response from a company located down the street than from a company with its headquarters the other side of the country. As a local company, we are more accountable. This fast response and accountability can only be good for your company and your bottom line.

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